Welcome to our FAQ page. Any questions that you may have about the Empowered Learning programme can be answered here. We have categorised our FAQs to accommodate parents/ carers, staff and learners separately. Please click on a relevant section for more information. Below we have our FAQs at a glance for those looking for quick answers. 

FAQs at a glance

The Empowered Learning project will issue 39,000 iPads to learners across the City of Edinburgh Council schools. P1 to P5 will have access to a shared iPad and P6 to S6 will have an individual iPad to take home every day.

By providing an iPad on a 1:1 level, we can ensure fair and equal access to digital technology at home or in class whilst improving engagement, attainment and dialogue. An iPad also provides core educational applications that can improve digital literacy skills.

We will start issuing iPads later this year and the roll-out will last until 2022. Schools will notify you when iPads are being issued.


  • Learners are responsible for keeping it safe. They must only use the accessories provided and they must follow the Home School Agreement.

Parents/ Carers:

  • Parent/ carer responsibilities are outlined in the Home School Agreement which you must sign. We encourage you to promote the safe use of technology to your child, remind your child to charge the iPad prior to school and report any faults to the school.


  • Teaching staff will utilise the iPads to enhance learning and teaching using a range of learning tools to create a safe and secure learning environment.

Core educational Apple and Microsoft apps will be available. A further 75 curricular apps will be available for download. Social media and inappropriate websites/ apps will be blocked.

If the iPad is damaged, lost or stolen in school, then a teacher or senior member of staff must be contacted. If the iPad is lost or stolen at times when contact with the school cannot be achieved such as weekends or holiday periods, then you must immediately report this to the police. Please obtain the incident number for future reference.

The Home School Agreement must be signed before the iPad is issued. Schools will handle any breakages to this agreement. Consequences could include temporary or permanent removal of the iPad from you or your child’s possession.

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