About Us

About Us

We as the Digital Education Team (DET) have helped support the appropriate and effective use of digital technology within education to give all City of Edinburgh learners the opportunity to improve their educational outcomes and to develop digital skills that will be vital for life, learning and work in an increasingly digitised world.

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We aim to provide support in the following areas:

We support education establishments to devise strategies that will help leaders ensure that all learners can benefit from digitally enhanced education.

We support education establishments in identifying how digital technology can be used to enhance learning and teaching environments across all curriculum areas.

We support educators in accessing a range of professional learning opportunities that will all them to use digital technology effectively in the classroom. This can help enrich learning and will develop the skills of our learners.

We help education establishments devise strategies regarding the use of digital technology and in delivering digital access to all learners. We aim to support them when looking for opportunities to continually invest in a sustainable digital infrastructure. 

The Digital Education Team draws together the skills, expertise and experience of members representing different perspectives. The team includes seconded Development officers from education establishments, Systems Development Officers and Technical Support Officers.

Reference: Enhancing Learning and Teaching through the use of Digital Technology: A Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland (Scottish Government; 2016, p4 & p6)

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