Empowered Learning

Empowered Learning

The Empowered Learning programme has given every school pupil from P6 to S6 in Edinburgh their own digital device as part of our ambitious and inclusive education strategy, Edinburgh Learns for Life.

The 1:1 roll-out started from December 2021 and was completed in December 2022 thanks to a £17.6m boost to learning and teaching. In addition to the personal distribution, iPads were  issued to P1 to P5 groups on an agreed ratio within each school.

Key elements of the programme include:

Why a 1:1 Roll-out?

The roll-out met a key element of one of the 15 outcomes and actions from the Council’s three year business plan ‘Our Future Council, Our Future City’: ‘increasing attainment for all and reducing the poverty-related attainment gap.’ The business plan was approved by Councillors during their budget meeting on 18th February 2021 where £8m of funding was also agreed for additional digital devices.


We have prepared some FAQs designed to provide you with quick answers to common questions. We have tailored these to suit staff, learners and parents/ carers. Click the button below for more.


Click the button below to access downloads to our Home School Agreement and Responsible Use Agreement

What Our Councillors Have to Say

"This has been one of the most significant projects that the council has undertaken thanks to our £17.5m investment and means all pupils from P6 to S6 now have their own devices. This is a significant and sustained investment in the future learning, outcomes and achievements of Edinburgh's children and young people."
Council Leader Cammy Day
"This project shows our commitment to providing our children and young people with every opportunity to succeed in their education provide them with the skills required for their future career paths. More importantly it means equal access to learning and is a vital element of our strategy to increase attainment for everyone and reducing the poverty-related attainment gap."
Cllr Joan Griffith, Education Convener


Please click on any of the following thumbnails to watch informative videos from YouTube regarding Empowered Learning. 

Further information regarding the programme will be made available in the weeks ahead.

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