FAQ for Learners

FAQ for Learners

What is the 1:1 Empowered Learning project?

The Empowered Learning project is part of the City of Edinburgh Council’s ambitious and inclusive education strategy, Edinburgh Learns for Life. 39,000 iPads will be issued in a 1:1 roll-out thanks to a £17.6m boost to learning and teaching. Empowered Learning is a project that will give learners their own personal iPad for their learning. If you are in P1 to P5 you will have access to a shared iPad but will not be allowed to take it home. If you are in P6 to S6, then the iPad will be yours to take home at the end of each day. You will be expected to bring the iPad, fully charged, with you to school to be used in your lessons. By giving you access to an iPad, your teachers can:

  • provide more opportunities for you to be creative and actively engaged in your learning
  • help you communicate and collaborate with your peers
  • provide feedback that is more effective at helping you improve
  • provide access to apps that can help you learn and personalise your learning experience
  • give you school work which is specific to your learning needs
  • help you develop essential skills to prepare you for future study or employment in an increasingly digital world

All learners across the City of Edinburgh will have fair and equal access to technology with their own iPad. We will also provide opportunities for your teachers to learn how to effectively use iPads to support you in your learning. We will start giving schools their iPads later this year and the project will run until the end of 2022.

How will having an iPad through Empowered Learning help me?

Access to an iPad will help prepare you for success in our rapidly evolving digital world by:

  • encouraging equality for learners across all Edinburgh schools
  • developing your curiosity, critical thinking 
  • providing engaging, meaningful experiences in learning using the latest digital technology
  • allowing you to have more personalised and transformative learning experiences
  • enhancing your creativity
  • extending your learning and increasing collaboration across classes and schools 
  • providing access to up-to-date, authentic information from a huge variety of sources which will allow you to publish your work beyond the classroom
  • helping to develop your thinking and digital literacy skills which are vital for success in further study and employment in our technology rich society
  • enabling increased parental involvement in your learning processes

How will I use the iPad in class?

This depends on your specific teachers/ classes. The iPad will give you access to a range of apps to support your learning and deepen your understanding. Your teacher can use these apps in class in a variety of different ways. For instance: you could show your understanding of your classwork in a number of more creative ways such as by making a film, using images or by writing a piece of text.

Why iPads?

There are several reasons why we have chosen to give you an iPad. We’ve been using iPads in City of Edinburgh Council schools for over 8 years so lots of our teaching staff are familiar with using them. The iPad easy to use, fast, robust and has great battery life. iPads can give access to an excellent range of educational tools for you to use in class. Our previous research has revealed that you could benefit from deeper, more creative and more effective learning by using an iPad. 

Who is responsible for the iPad?

When you receive your iPad, you are responsible for it and keeping it safe. You should always keep your iPad in its supplied case to protect it from potential damage. You should only take it out of your school bag when you are in a lesson, as instructed by your teachers, or at home. You will need to charge up your iPad every night using the charger supplied and bring it into school each day fully charged.

Can I use my own device instead?

No, to promote a consistent learning environment with as much support as possible, we expect you to use only the iPad that is issued to you. To fulfil City of Edinburgh Council’s data security policies, the iPads are encrypted and managed via central Mobile Device Management (MDM) software with appropriate web filtering in place.

When will I be issued with an iPad?

The iPads will be issued on a school-by-school basis, starting towards the end of 2021 and throughout 2022. Your school will let you know when you can expect to receive your iPad.

Will there be ‘getting started’ sessions for me to learn the basics of the iPad?

‘Getting started’ sessions will take place when iPads are distributed. You will then have access to a range of online digital skills support materials.

Can I take the iPad home with me?

The expectation is that learners will take their iPad home to support continued home learning. However, it is recognised that primary schools may wish to introduce home use gradually to ensure appropriate skills and support is in place.

Do my parents/ carers need to contribute to the cost of the iPad?

The City of Edinburgh Council will not ask parents/carers to contribute towards the costs of your iPad. Any apps that you may use on your iPad will be downloaded via a ‘Self-Service’ portal and will either be free to download or will have already been paid for by the school.

What are my responsibilities for the safe use of the iPad?

When you receive your iPad, you are responsible for it and keeping it safe. You must only take it out of your schoolbag when you are in a lesson, as instructed by your teachers, or at home. The provided case for the iPad must be used at all times to protect the iPad from potential damage. You will need to charge up your iPad every night using the charger supplied. The iPad is designed to be a tool to help you learn and must only be used in this way.

What apps will be available?

You will have access to a core set of Apple and Microsoft 365 apps plus 75 additional curricular apps.

Can I access the internet on the iPad?

Your iPad will allow internet access. The iPads software will provide you with access to learning resources and appropriate content both in school and at home.

Are photos or videos allowed to be taken on the iPad?

Your iPad has a built-in camera which can be used to support learning. You must never record or take a photo of anyone without their clear and explicit permission first.

What happens if the iPad is damaged, lost or stolen?

If your iPad is damaged, lost or stolen in school, then you must immediately tell your teacher or a senior member of staff who will get in touch with someone who can help. If your iPad is lost or stolen at times when contact with the school cannot be achieved such as weekends or holiday periods, then you or your parent/carer must immediately report this to the police and then tell your school. An incident number should be obtained from the police.

Depending on the circumstances, your parent/carer may be asked to pay a contribution towards the repair or replacement of the iPad.

Can I get a keyboard or pencil?

Keyboards and pencils are not going to be routinely provided to all learners. In some circumstances it may be appropriate and these will be considered by the school. Learners can choose to utilise personal accessories, for example; external keyboard, pencil. These should be for the purpose of learning and are used at the owners risk.

What should I do If I leave my iPad at home or I forget to charge it?

You will be expected to bring the iPad with you every day. If you forget your iPad, then you will be expected to work using alternative resources; for instance using pencils/paper. However, you must bring your iPad with you the next again day.

What measures are in pace to protect my security/ prevent cyberbullying?

All iPads are securely managed and you will only have access to pre-approved applications. All apps will have security and privacy assessments before approval. Inappropriate websites will be blocked on your iPad. In addition, social media websites and apps that could facilitate cyberbullying will be blocked too. Teachers will also encourage the safe use of technology while in class or at home.

Will my teachers have control over the iPad?

Yes, your teacher and your school have full control. This will allow them to freeze/ lock your screen, wipe the iPad and they can also view browsing history.

Can I access social media on the iPad?

Social media websites/ apps and other inappropriate sites will be blocked.

Can I use a different charger or case with the iPad?

Please use the charger and case supplied with the iPad to ensure its longevity.

What will happen if I move to another school in the City of Edinburgh Council or leave school?

If you move to another City of Edinburgh Council school, you will need to return your iPad and accessories and will be issued a replacement one by your new school. You must return your iPad and any accessories to your school when you leave school.

What happens if I break the Home School Agreement?

You, your parent/carer and your school will need to sign the Home School Agreement before you are issued with your iPad. If your break this agreement, then your school will handle this. Sanctions can include having your iPad temporarily or permanently removed.

We will share further FAQs and more information on the programme in the coming weeks via email and on the web.

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